Be Happy. Be Loving. Be in the Flow of Life.

"I have worked with energy all my life."

                              ~ Jeanie Marshall

"Long before I was able to articulate that I 'read' energy, I was reading energy. I believe everyone reads energy to some extent."

We Are All Created With Greatness Inside

Greatness is within you. And within everyone. That is true whether you recognize it or not. It's true whether you try to hide it or exaggerate its opposite. It's true whether you affirm it or not. It's true whether you are focused on your personal development and growth or not.

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Jeanie is opening  time on her schedule to work with a few personal clients.  Find additional information about Personal Consultations and more details on Energy Work and Clearing

Free Guided Meditations

Under 5 Minutes Each!

Brief Focused Energy Work: Experience the Energy Flow

With clients, Jeanie usually begins a session with a 20-minute energy clearing process, called Focused Energy Work.

In this brief, but complete guided process, she covers all the elements of her signature Focused Energy Work.  The words are the same in these two mp3 files, but the first one is with music and the second one is without music.

Voice of Jeanie

Experience The Energy Flow - With Music

 Jeanie's voice with Music for Awakening the Light Body, Vol 1 by Michael Hammer - 4 minutes, 34 seconds

Experience The Energy Flow

Jeanie's voice alone without music - 3 minutes, 43 seconds

Brief Guided Visualization: Mid-day Quick Tune-up

With this Mid-day Quick Tune-up guided visualization, you can re-charge yourself any time, in under 5 minutes.

Voice of Jeanie

Mid-day Quick Tune-Up

Jeanie's voice with background music Tranquil by Jack Waldenmaier - 3 minutes, 43 seconds

Mid-day Quick Tune-Up

Jeanie's voice alone without music - 3 minutes, 23 seconds

Products & Services

Focused Energy Work Meditations

One signature process Jeanie has developed is called Focused Energy Work.  For years, she has led clients and workshop participants and teleseminar listeners through a process that focuses on the flow of energy that centers and balances them, making them more receptive to the changes that they desire in their lives.  Nothing is forced; instead, higher quality and quantity of energy is accessible.

Guided Visualization Meditations

Jeanie uses her words, voice, and energy to lead a process that is well known as Guided Visualization. Her approach is to open you to your own unique experiences. She uses simple concepts so you can create and interpret your visions, feelings, and sounds.  She slows her pace, knowing that it is in the silence between the words that you will have your greatest realizations.  

Private Consultation Work

All Jeanie's consultations are via phone or Internet connections. She works with entrepreneurs, managers, coaches, consultants, trainers, and others who are drawn to work with her. Her intention is to provide empowering interactions that foster positive, deep and lasting change.  The first session begins with Focused Energy Work to clear your energy field

Notes from Jeanie

Hello, I am Jeanie Marshall,  Personal Development Consultant and Entrepreneur Development Coach.

I've  been writing for the Internet since 1991, in the same areas of my consulting work. You'll find many of my writings published at a variety of web sites. Just do an internet search for "Jeanie Marshall."

I work with a set of principles, professional practices, and styles of working with others in personal coaching partnerships.  These will become more obvious as I add more to this website.  My services are not for everyone; I work with those who are looking for me.

Encouraging others is my passion. Watching people move from where they are to where they want to be is very exciting to me. Sometimes I serve as guide; sometimes I serve as a witness, and always I serve as one who holds the space for Personal Development and self improvement.

Contact Info

Santa Monica, CA 90403

1223 Wilshire Blvd, 300

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