I love writing community to emphasize unity by capitalizing U N I TY, and writing abundance to emphasize dance by capitalizing D A N CE.  And joy is JOY.

To me, abundance is truly about being in a joyful dance with life. Today, I sing about my blessings. I appreciate the richness of my life. I honor the abundance which is truly everywhere.

I also applaud when others are fully experiencing the money, prosperity, and abundance that they want. I enjoy being around people who have a zest for life, who speak about positive aspects of life, and who affirm their magnificent relationship with life.  It is with such individuals I choose to create community.

Life Is a dance. We get to choose the dance we dance, it is never chosen for us. I choose the Dance of Joyful Abundance.

Today, I send you and all my readers joyful, loving energy.

Let’s Create a Community of Abundance and Joy. A community where everyone WINS.

Consider, who do YOU want in your community?   Draw a circle around you and include them inside your circle.

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Dave Jackson
Posted on  15/04/2019 06:58 Thanks for the positive energy which is always welcome in one's life Jeanie. Never noticed the Unity in the word Community. Thanks again.
Jeanie Marshall
Posted on  15/04/2019 08:39 Thanks, Dave, it is always a JOY to hear from you. May you DANCE through your life in UNITY with yourself.

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