Balance the Energies: A Focused Energy Work Process

I have been writing recent articles here on my blog about my promptings to publish some of my guided meditations.  I invite you to read those earlier articles.

Balance the Energies is the first in a series of these six guided meditations available here at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store.

This Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation is one type of guided meditation that I lead others through regularly.  I also use this process for myself, although without spoken words. 

Balance the Energies emerged because of my work with clients in the corporate world and with other consultants and coaches.  Over the years, I discovered many dynamics in the corporate world in need for change for more effectiveness (I have a M.S. in Organization Development, so I spot situations and patterns).  Noticing those situations, I also see solutions and often many options for empowering change.

In guiding one client at a time, by phone, without any music in the background, I kept discovering deeper and deeper realizations about the power of relaxation, intention, clarity, balance and similar dynamics.   I was often quite surprised at how deep the personal change occurred, even in the midst of the pressures of corporate life.

Dedication.  My consulting career has also led me to many other consultants and coaches who provide services to the corporate world. One of those Power Connectors is Tom Kaney, who has connected me with many individual clients and corporations.   When I produced the CD of Balance the Energies, I dedicated it to him with the words: "To Tom Kaney, with appreciation for his inspired leadership."

If this appeals to you, please purchase Balance the Energies.  On this same page, you can read testimonials of some who have listened.  And if you have already listened to it, please comment below about your experiences. 

Make this a Balanced Day!

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