Complaining about Complaining is Still Complaining

“Complaining about complaining is still complaining.”
~ Jeanie Marshall

Many people who complain about complaining are unable to discern whether a comment is a whiny complaint, an opportunity for improvement, or a perspective that differs from their own.  Often, complaining about complaining is a way to deflect responsibility and blame others.

I’ve seen this in the corporate world (as an Organization Development Consultant) and I've seen this in multiple online platforms, businesses and groups. When leaders/managers shut down conversations that could be uplifting if managed properly, the group and its members are shortchanged. They end up pointing fingers at each other to blame and complain.

With a mindset of true listening, most complaining dissolves.  In addition, recognizing the benefit of different perspectives within a group allows the group to win.

Make this an Uplifting Day!


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