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Following up on my initial post yesterday, here is a sampling of the aspects of Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Development that I expect to write about in this blog over the coming months and years.  

In my opinion, the most effective entrepreneurs are actively involved in Personal Development; however not everyone actively involved in Personal Development is an entrepreneur. Focus yourself where you fit and open to more. 

Here are some of the categories I will explore ...

Personal Effectiveness, such as the focus of your attention, awareness, consciousness, empowerment, confidence

Empowering Practices, such as practical approaches to manifesting your dreams and goals, being aware of your feelings, working with purpose and intention, meditation, visualization, imagery

Energy Work, such as raising your vibration, working with energy, and reading energy fields 

Effective Use of Language, such as affirmations, asking questions, general communication skills, writing

Self Care, such as meditation, food choices, taking breaks, reducing stress 

Life's Moments, Every situation is a possibility for personal growth: at the movies, in the garden, in the kitchen, driving or walking, any situation

Entrepreneurial Success, for those who are in any business venture

And so much more

I’ll encourage you to tap into your own wisdom, wherever you are in consciousness or circumstance, so that you feel empowered and eager to do what you most want or need to do. Sometimes I'll make suggestions and ask you questions to take you to your own inner knowingness. 

I'll write about concepts and practices that have been an integral part of my professional work and my own Personal and Entrepreneurial Development over a long period of time. 

In the meantime, be sure to give voice to who you are with both outer or inner expression. 

If you are interested in additional topics that do not seem to fall into one of the categories mentioned above, please make a suggestion below as a comment.

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