Do You Love to Write or Hate to Write?

Everyone these days is writing: books, ebooks, memoirs, reports, proposals, profiles, scripts, email messages, Facebook posts, tweets, rants, marketing or product information, web sites, social media comments, and on and on. How you relate to your own writing comes through to the reader, regardless of the medium.

Relating to Your Own Writing

Do you love to write or do you hate to write? Perhaps your feelings are more moderate than either extreme.

Several years ago I attended a writing conference in Santa Barbara, where Fannie Flagg was one of the speakers. Fannie Flagg is a well-known novelist and screenwriter. She made a comment from the podium that sent a strange ripple through the audience. She said that she hates to write!

I was perplexed that a published author would hate to write. I think I was just as perplexed that she announced this to a group of writers. Why would she spend her time doing something she hates? I know that many people hate what they do, but most often they are in jobs in which they feel trapped for some reason. But writing?

I fall at the other end of the spectrum ... I love to write. I'm a prolific writer who has never experienced writer's block. Of course, writing is not the only thing I do. And there are days I don't write at all. But when I decide to write, ideas appear and words form sentences.

To me, it's a joy to see what comes to me and through me. I'm inspired by the process. I learn something, whether the words just seem to flow through me or they're measured or halting. I like to play with words. 

In my work as a consultant and coach, I often suggest to clients that they write something as a way for focusing their attention. Any writing exercise I suggest is always related specifically to the needs of the individuals. While results vary, when people sit to do the writing assignment, usually the words flow for them. I know that is, in part, because I work with them energetically to support their process.

In working with clients over many years, I've noticed that there are specific ways that energy flows through the body that enhances or diminishes writing. Many times, I've done simple energy work that opens the floodgates for the ideas and the words to flow. This usually feels so natural to clients that they soon forget what it was like before.

Writing Your Dreams or Your "Why" or Compelling Vision

The writing of dreams needs to be fluid and organic ... and ongoing. I've been writing my dreams and compelling visions and statements of intention and goals for many years.

When is the last time you wrote down your Dreams? And how did you feel when you were writing them?

Write ... Keep Writing

Certain kinds of writing are best done with a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. For example, when you hand-write items that are really important for you to manifest, you may relate to them more strongly with a pen or pencil in hand.

We live in a digital world, and I know that we can connect as fully with our writing using keyboard characters. Or dictating with voice recognition software, like Siri. It depends on your experience, of course, and the key is your relationship to the writing as well as the writing process.

Writing helps you to focus your attention. In addition, your conscious intention for writing makes all the words more meaningful. Writing can help to accelerate or enhance any aspect of your Personal Development or your effectiveness as an entrepreneur or business person.

What can you do to help yourself to enjoy the process of writing more?

Make this a Writing Day!

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Chris Everett
Posted on  27/05/2019 08:19 I have not decided if I love or hate this article! LOL. I have told myself many times that I hate to write and I think I convinced myself to avoid it. Reading this,I will approach writing as a personal growth technique. I will see what I learn.
Jeanie Marshall
Posted on  27/05/2019 08:53 Music to my eyes! I like to make a distinction between writing to write and writing to publish. There are personal growth opportunities in either, but it is the writing itself that is especially powerful. As a simple exercise, go to a coffee shop or restaurant or airport where there are lots of people and you can easily write with a pad of paper or an electronic device. Pick out a person and write about him or her. Just write anything that comes to you without editing.
Jeanie Marshall
Posted on  27/05/2019 08:54 Part 2 of that exercise is to re-read it the next day and add something. Refine it in some way. Return to it again, if you wish. Part 3: ask yourself, What did I learn? I'd love to hear your reflections.

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