Energy Work: A Story of Energy

Recently a new client asked me which energy system I work with. Often I'm asked this question and I've found there's only one beginning answer: my own, listening to my intuition.

After my initial response (which I state a little differently for each person), the conversation might go in any number of unique directions. The direction will depend on variables including the amount time we have for the conversation, the other person's consciousness and interest, our relationship, etc.

Working with Energy

I've been working with energy as part of my professional Organization Development and Personal Development work for over 30 years. Energetic principles and techniques have emerged for me as I’ve talked with clients, led training programs, directed team building events, delivered keynote talks, facilitated teleseminars, and written about my experiences and insights.

The real key for me is that I learn through my clients — listening to them, to my inner self, and to Spirit (Source). Clients ask me questions. Often I simply do not have answers from my ordinary consciousness. So I go to "another place" in consciousness.

"Place" is really a misnomer when talking about energy or consciousness, yet it fits well enough that I often use it. It's a word that most people can relate to, even though it's not completely accurate. Choosing words that people relate to is essential. Stretching too far can create a disconnect, like stretching a rubber band so far that it snaps or breaks.

Energy Fields and Reading Energy

This "place" I also call the "energy field," which is a fairly commonly-used term these days, although it wasn't when I began my exploration of energy and energy work. I read energy. I read energy fields.

Everyone reads energy, really, but I talk about the energy field as easily as I talk about a desk. I try to use language that's designed to include rather than exclude as many people as possible, even though not everyone connects with my language. I like to talk with people about energy if they're interested in hearing about energy; I'm not interested in trying to convince people about something they have no real interest in.

An important basis for my work is that I extract information from the energy field so that I can create ways that clients can work with processes that I call "energetic techniques."  When these techniques are used regularly, they become "empowering practices."

I know that some people prefer to have a problem of ten years be resolved with the snapping of fingers or tapping on meridian points. And, truly, this can be awesome energy work! I know, I've done it personally for myself and also with clients. However, the snapping or tapping is usually most effective with proper processes to restructure your life.

The Way In is the Way Out

The way out of a problem is the same as the way of getting into a problem: repeating thoughts, words, and actions. Miracles of dissolving old limitation are valid and welcome. However, many people recreate or create a new, similar situation if they haven't found new thoughts, words, and actions that resonate with where they want to be.

The stories you tell yourself and others about your situation create more of the same situation.  Or you create  situations that seem different but are very similar energetically.

You’ll move yourself from where you are to where you want to be if you use the thoughts, words, and actions that resonate with where you want to be. It's a simple equation, but the elements need to be known, and the formula needs to be practiced. The practices are first conscious, and later also operate at the unconscious level, making them far more powerful.

Movement and Practice

The proper energetic process for you will be one that you resonate with and use. For example, if a certain image or thought will move you out of a mess, recognizing or devising that image or thought is the first step. The next step is to use that image or thought as well as other images and thoughts and words and actions that resonate similarly.

I find that it's rarely helpful to be obsessive. Dedication and practice are key, while obsession limits rather than expands you. Singleness of purpose is important if you want to be effective, and it needs to be balanced with other activities so that one activity is not the sum total of your life.

I suggest people use an empowering energetic technique in place of an image or thought that is more familiar but disempowering. You can think of it as substitution or as a cut-and-paste process.

It doesn't need to take ten years to walk out of a problem you created over a ten-year period, but it does involve awareness, choosing a new direction, and taking one step at a time moving in the new direction regularly.

Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be sharing a variety of practical energetic techniques and empowering practices. But for right now, today, consider what you might practice to help you to bloom and grow right where you are now planted. You might start with a habit you want to change or some part of your life you want to improve or enhance.

What about You?

What simple action can you repeat several times a day so that you change what you most want to change?  What is the story YOU want to tell?

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