Everything is Energy; Your Noticing Mechanisms

I wrote an article years ago in which I said, "Everything is energy." One of my peer reviewers reacted very negatively. In discussing the subject with him, I got clearer than ever that "everything is energy"! While I didn't convince him (I didn't try), the clarity that came to me during and following our discussion has served me well over the years.

I was empowered by the conversation. And so was he. We did not agree, but we were both enriched by the dialogue.

So, I say yes, everything is energy and each person, place, thing, and idea has an energy field. This energy field is readable and discernible. Each particle in the universe has a vibration, and it is this vibration that connects — or does not connect — with other particles.

Everyone has a unique way of reading energy. Many people don't relate to the idea of "reading" energy.  As with reading words in the book, you must open the book and understand the markings on the pages. I've found that there's a language of energy. And, as in any language, a dictionary can be helpful, but each individual also has a unique set of vocabulary words, interpretation, perception, and meaning of energy.

Ways of Perceiving: Noticing Mechanisms

I find it's helpful to expand on this dynamic of "reading the energy field" by explaining some of the methods people use to read energy. I call these "noticing mechanisms" and place them into four categories:

* Your Five Physical Senses
* Your Sense of Balance
* Your Intuition or Inner Knowingness, and
* Your Full Range of Emotions and Other Feelings

You're already familiar with all of these, so I'll only touch the surface here just to provide a baseline. Perhaps in later blog posts, I'll expand on these.

Your Five Physical Senses are sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These physical senses are commonly accepted as ways of taking in information or of relating to the physical world. However, there are parallel ways of knowing in the non-physical world, such as inner sight, and hearing internal messages, and smelling when something seems amiss.

Your Sense of Balance is also primarily a physical sense. However, I keep it separate because "the sixth sense" has a generally accepted different meaning. Your five physical senses or some combination of them are involved in your awareness of balance, as are the other noticing mechanisms.

Your Intuition or Inner Knowingness is your inner wisdom. It can come to you as visions, sounds, a bubbling up from inside you, a tap on your shoulder, or knowingness without words. It's a powerful way of noticing energy. Everyone has it. Some people are aware of it and some are not.

Your Full Range of Emotions and Other Feelings are among the most misunderstood of all these ways of noticing. When you know your feelings, you know more about where you are and where you're going than any other indicator can tell you. Both positive and negative feelings provide powerful information about the energy field.

Continue to Enhance Your Noticing Mechanisms

Aligning and fine-tuning your noticing mechanisms makes reading or discerning energy more accurate and comfortable. They help you to be more aware of the information all around you and within you. You greatly enhance your journey of Personal Development by noticing inside yourself and outside yourself.

Everything is energy. Everything.

Make this an Energetic Day!

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