Finding the Balance in Your Breath: A Focused Energy Work Process

Finding the Balance in Your Breath is the second in a series of six guided meditations available here at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store.   I invite you to read recent, earlier blog articles about these guided meditations.

This Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation is one type of guided meditation that I lead others through regularly.  I also use this process for myself, although without spoken words. 

"Finding the balance in your breath" became a natural and frequent theme of working with balance and energies and clarity.  At the beginning of a personal consultation session, I often found that the client's breathing was shallow, rapid, and noisy.  As I focused my own attention and the attention of my client on his or her breathing, the rhythm, cadence, and sound changed. 

As I worked with a variety of clients in different situations, I often heard myself saying "your breath is always with you" to make the important point that you have all you need, and carry it with you.  As nice as a babbling brook or a candle or lovely music can be to help in focusing a meditative session, your breath can do the same and is always with you.

Please find more details about the digital download of Finding the Balance in Your Breath.  On this same page, you can read testimonials of some who have listened.

Dedication. I love the practice in the publication field that authors dedicate books and CD's to someone who is special to them.  A very dear and long-time friend is the one I chose for this publication:  Rev. Dr. Sherry McCreary.   She and I met when I first moved to California.  While I have stayed in Santa Monica, she has moved on several occasions, yet we have managed to keep in touch.  The dedication on the CD reads simply, "with thanks for many shared moments."

Here in this article, I also want to acknowledge Sherry's equally amazing daughter.  Rasheryl and I have hosted a radio show and spent many hours together.  It is a pleasure to include her in this dedication.

Make this a Relaxing Day!

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