Guided Visualization: A Process

Many practitioners lead Guided Visualization Meditations.   It is a popular approach, with many variations.

There are different ways to use words to create visualizations or imagery.  Some are very precise, for example, “imagine a white vase on a table to the right of you.” Others are more open or suggestive, for example “imagine that you are looking to your right.  Notice what you see.  Notice the color.  Notice the shape.”  And still others suggest some images and invite you to provide others. 

It is great to have choices.  One size does NOT fit all. Experimenting will help you to find what works for you to open your visual imagination.  As you grow and change, keep experimenting, as one size might not always fit you.  

For some people, the mere act of being distracted from a problem to an interesting image or visualization can break the connection with the problem.  In that moment, possibilities can open. 

Find what works for you! 

Here is a free, brief guided visualization. It leads you to become more energized by using images and suggestions.  I call it,  Mid-day Quick Tune-up and it is offered for free listening right here at this web site. One version is offered with music and the other without. 

The general purpose of my Guided Visualization Meditations is to unleash the power of your imagination to access your inner guidance and wisdom. I prefer to be a catalyst rather than a dogmatic guide. This empowering approach leaves you free to:

* Create your own distinctive experience—whatever is best for you at any particular time
* Create a different experience each time you listen—allowing you to listen to the same meditation for years and derive new benefits each time

In a personal consultation, I guide a client through a Focused Energy Work Process, which is a carefully structured yet fluid process, usually in about twenty minutes.   It clears the energy field and strengthens and aligns the client’s intention.  From time to time, I sometimes lead a client in a Guided Visualization Meditation, such as described in this article. 

Here in the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store, you can chose from three different Guided Visualization Meditations:

Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life

With this guided visualization meditation, you can experience every day of the year as your special day! You’ll become more aware of your own magnificence and your connection with the magnificent infinite loving source within you. More information and purchase options

Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep

This visualization meditation lulls you into a deep, restorative sleep. By learning how to hear your own unique inner whisper, you’ll be gently soothed into sleep ... comforted while you sleep ... and refreshed when you awaken.  More information and purchase options

The Golden Pool of Abundance

This classic guided meditation connects you with your own inner source of abundance. Now you can go there whenever you want to manifest more of anything you desire in your life.  More information and purchase options

I owe the development of these three Guided Visualization Meditations to my clients. Without them, I would not have had a need to lead others in these experiences.   My deep appreciation and gratitude to each one.

Copyright © 2019 Marshall House and Voice of Jeanie Marshall. All rights reserved. Jeanie Marshall is a Personal Development Consultant and Coach. This article is not available for republication without express written permission.


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