Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life, A Guided Visualization

Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life is one of the guided visualization meditations available here at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store.   I invite you to read recent, earlier blog articles about my guided meditations.

This Guided Visualization Meditation is one type of guided meditation that I lead clients, workshop participants, and others through regularly.  In addition, I use similar processes to enhance my own life,  to calm myself or lift my vibration or imagine my success.

I love celebrating the lives of individuals. One way is to celebrate a person’s birthday. In fact, one of my favorite suggestions is: Please celebrate your birthday six months before and six months after.  The meaning is easy to understand:  celebrate yourself every day of the year.

Interestingly, very often new clients first find me around the time of their birthday.  I have noticed the pattern so frequently that I have come to conclude that many people, whether consciously or unconsciously, know that it is their own personal new year, a celebration of renewal, an opportunity to start fresh.

Beginning work with me in a personal consultation often plays itself out as a time for clearing away the old and opening to the new. Or perhaps it is more about clarifying purpose in life.  Each client defines his or her own intention for working with me, regardless of the time of year.

Please find more details about the digital download of Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life.  On this same page, you can read testimonials of some who have listened. If you have listened, please add a comment below. 

Dedication. I chose to dedicate this Guided Visualization meditation to a long-time, dear friend, Chris Scott. He and I went to graduate school together and we have remained in touch.  He remembers my birthday; I remember his birthday.  I chose him not just because of these remembrances, but he is a person who will always be in my heart, wherever he is and whatever he is doing.  He has created a magnificent life for himself, and I celebrate him.

Make this a Celebrating Day!

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