Honoring the Roads that Others Take

"I honor the roads that others take. I encourage intentional choices."

I honor and respect the roads taken and choices made by others.  However, I must be honest and qualify that statement.  Sometimes I have to coax myself into a place of acceptance and honoring.  It is well worth the effort to transcend my opinions to embrace acceptance.

I love it when I immediately and unconditionally honor and respect a person’s choice when my head has an opinion about the choice.  When my head and heart are not in immediate alignment, I am willing to find my balance.

I seek perfection, but I am not perfect. 

We make choices all day long, right?  Some are major, which we might recognize as significant in that moment, or maybe it will be days or even years later for us to recognize the importance.  Some choices are so instinctive or small or practiced that we hardly notice. 

When a person has made a choice joyfully or intentionally, I feel that consciousness, which propels me into honoring the choice, regardless of any opinion I might have. 

What about you? Do you honor and respect the choices of others?

Do you honor your own choices?

When you have inner conflict about choices (others’ or your own), how do you deal with that?

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Posted on  07/04/2019 17:15 This is a delightful read. Thank you so much.

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