How Jeanie Started with Guided Meditations

Being your best. Feeling your best. Performing at your best. Savoring each moment to the fullest. All these are possible when you are connected to your unlimited inner source of power, wisdom, and vitality.

Expect the Unexpected

I started creating guided meditations for others many years ago.  It started in a rather unexpected way. 

Often when I got home, I discovered that the phone had rung, but there was no message on my answering machine.  (Do you remember answering machines?)

The same thing happened when I went to the office.  A caller, but no message. 

I discovered that my clients were calling and hanging up before leaving a message because they wanted to HEAR MY VOICE! 

So that led to a decision to monetize my voice.  Why give it away on an answering machine?   I used my voice many times a day with clients, helping them to be empowered or leading guided meditations.  But I had not recorded them for separate sale.

I hired a musician to compose some music for me.  He and I began to create guided meditations with my voice and his music on audio cassette tapes.  (Do you remember audio cassette tapes?)

My Career Path

At that time (also years before and years after), my primary career was as an Organization Development consultant.  Meditation was an essential Personal Development strategy for me, and it became increasingly more important to my clients, inside and outside the corporate world.

Running parallel to my meditative experiences, I developed a more keen awareness of my understanding of energy work.  I brought energy work into the culture of several of the corporations I consulted to.  I often did this quietly, as not everyone was interested. 

Over the years, I have listened to my intuition about different approaches to using my voice in guided meditative experiences.  Underlying my approach is the belief that inside you (and everyone) is the wisdom that guides your life. So the most important role I can play is to help you to hear your own inner wisdom.

I like to provide just enough guidance to connect you with your inner source of imagination, guidance and power. Each time you listen, you will have your own special experience -- the one your inner source creates, not one that Jeanie creates for you.

More to come

I will be sharing additional information about my guided meditations, which are available on this site, at my store.

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