I Am Free to Be Me

It depends on your relationship to freedom how you perceive these six simple words: "I am free to be me."

Some people may consider the words are too simplistic; others may consider that the concept the words represent is so complicated that it is unattainable. And there are many possible perceptions between those two.

When deeply integrated, I consider that the concept is profound: "I am free to be me."

Here’s a quick exercise:  Say that statement repeatedly, emphasizing a different word each time. If you do, that can lead to deeper meaning.

Or experiment these ways:  Read or say the words backwards. Sleep with them under your pillow tonight. Post them on your bathroom mirror or near your computer.

You may find that when you are claiming your freedom, you are trying to be "free from" something: a job, a marriage, excess body fat, a habit, an illness, etc. In this "freedom from" consciousness, you tend to be focused on non-freedom or bondage or limitation.

After you have extricated yourself from the person, place, thing or idea you believe has prevented your freedom, you are not necessarily "free," but only "free from."

Feeling "free from" can propel you and begin the movement toward true freedom. So now, step by step, one thought at a time, you can move in the direction of freedom.

You start wherever you are. If you start in bondage, your first step is to not want bondage, then to wanting to be free, then to being "free from," to being free to move to greater freedom, to being "free to," to knowing that you are so free that you create everything in your life.

Step by step, one thought at a time, this is the journey of freedom.

So, what does it really mean to be "free to be me?" You must answer that in your own unique way. Everyday, your response might change because each day you are a different person. This is a question that is surely worthy of living with over a period of time.

I consider that "freedom" and "empowerment" are essentially synonymous. Not precisely, but speaking just for me, I also equate freedom and empowerment with happiness.

What about you? What does it mean to you to be able to say and believe "I am free to be me"?

I would love to hear your comments below. And remember, you can ....

Make this a Freedom Day!

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