My Intention for Writing My Personal Development Blog

Intention is the foundation of all thoughts, ideas, and actions.
I like to consciously create an intention for the beginning of each day, each project, each relationship, and, especially any situation I think might be challenging. Early in the writing of this new blog it is fitting that I share with you my intention for writing it.

My intention is to use this platform to expand my own consciousness, inspiring both myself and readers to be more fulfilled and engaged in life. I will be expressing my perceptions on a range of topics that I consider fall into the broader topic of Personal Development. 

I love to write. Supposedly* Mark Twain said "there are two kinds of writers: those who like to write and those who like to have written." While I'm certainly pleased to have written many publications, it's the process of writing that inspires and fulfills me. Writing teaches me in ways that no other process has. 

I often find myself clicking away at the keyboard to see ideas flood the screen that I had not been aware of thinking about in advance. Other times, I find that so many ideas swirl in my head that the keyboard becomes a magnet for sorting and clarifying my thoughts.  One of my favorite writing places is my balcony, as captured in the photo.  Fortunately, I can write anyplace. 

I speak with clients in consulting sessions that are filled with synergy. In each session, the dialog expands the consciousness of my clients and me. With both conscious and unconscious synergy, we create and/or discover ideas that neither of us had access to prior to the conversation. Gems are present — and presents — in this coming together. 

I want to create that same type of joint creation with you, here on this blog. I write for me; I publish for you.

I've found that when my readers engage with me about the content of my writing, I learn much more about the layers of meaning of my words. I love the engagement and synergy. I appreciate knowing others' thoughts and perspectives, yet it is the deeper understanding I reach in my own words that compels me to invest my time in this writing. 

With input from others, I sometimes change words to be more specific when I feel that others will understand better what I've said, yet other times I prefer to broaden the words so that each person can have his or her own interpretation.

I have one more source of inspiration that seems appropriate to share with you here. I am part of the Nasgo and Sharenode Ecosystem, a growing community of people I love and adore. We share a Vision of Change for the World that will create Wins for Small Businesses, Wins for Individuals, and Wins for Charities. Without my connection with this Ecosystem, it is unlikely that I would have started a new blog.

I look forward to this adventure with you. May you be touched by my words, and -- more importantly -- touched by your own inner communication. 

Thanks for being here!

*I say "supposedly" because someone told me a long time ago that Mark Twain said this; however, I haven't been able to find such validation after extensive research.

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