KISS: Keep it So Simple

When I first learned the KISS acronym to convey the idea of keeping something simple, I heard it as "Keep It Simple, Stupid." As you might imagine, that didn't resonate with my approach to Personal Development. 

Over the years, I have thought of or heard more empowering word choices for this acronym, such as:

  • Keep It So Simple
  • Keep It Short & Simple
  • Keep it Simple & Smart 
  • Keep It Simple, Simon 

It can certainly be satisfying to sort through a maze of complicated or complex information and find a simple solution or route. This is the direction I like to move ... to or toward simple and clear answers and ideas.  By simplifying ideas, we make them more accessible to others. 

I love clarity. When I’m confused, I remind myself that I want clarity rather than beating myself up because I'm confused. Reminding myself of my desire to be clear is my first step out of confusion. Perhaps you have a different relationship to confusion or clarity.

Many of us have plenty of opportunities to move from confusion (or other aspects of non-clarity) to clarity in this time of the convergence of technology advances and spiritual awakening, in this time of upheavals. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that some things are by nature simple, not complicated.

Albert Einstein said, 

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, 
but not simpler."

When I find myself in the midst of many confusing elements that I want to understand, I instinctively ask myself, "With what I know so far, how would I explain this to a 6 year old?" Or, "How would I explain this to someone who knows absolutely nothing about this?" It's quite amazing how quickly a question like that helps me to get focused on a simple explanation.

Often a routine situation done intentionally or a little differently can give you a new perspective or teach you something profound. Here are some examples: eating a meal in planned silence with a friend, planting seeds in your garden as a meditation, watching those seeds grow into blooms as you hum or sing, or taking a walk by a peaceful stream while you open to nature.

In the silence, miracles happen. In mass confusion, miracles can also happen, so I don't want to discount that. I just prefer the movement to clarity because that is a movement to simplicity.
A pot of herbs on the windowsill, tomatoes on the patio, or seeds sprouting in a glass jar can connect you to the natural cycle of life. Time spent in an indoor or outdoor garden can be as nurturing as food, sleep, rest, or meditation. I can't make a seed, but to plant and care for it is simple.

Plants can teach you the cycles and seasons to help you to be more at peace with your own cycles and seasons, as well as the cycles and seasons of global transformation. When you grow food, flowers, or trees, you participate in nature's cycles. Even a tomato plant can give you a sense of freedom and satisfaction.
You can, of course, be just as grateful for a store-bought tomato as one you pick from your own yard or patio. You can appreciate the majesty of nature through any living thing, but something special can touch you when the food you put in your mouth was grown under your eyes and with your hands.

Keep it Simply Simple.

Is there any aspect of your life that you would enjoy more if it were clearer or simpler?

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