Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep, A Guided Visualization

Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep is one of the Guided Visualization Meditations available here at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store.   I invite you to read recent, earlier blog articles about my guided meditations.

This Guided Visualization Meditation is one type of guided meditation that I created because I know that many people want both improved sleep and greater access to their own inner wisdom. 

Do you want more of either or both these?  If so, this Guided Visualization is designed to help you relax into a deep and restful sleep, and also open you to listening and hearing the wisdom from inside yourself.  That wisdom often comes in a whisper, or even with no words at all.  At any one time, one aspect may be more important to you than the other.

Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep helps you to let go of the thoughts that flip back and forth in your head.  When you relax yourself gently or with the rhythm of your breath, you do not make yourself wrong for having thoughts, you simply let them move from the focus of your attention and allow wisdom to flow in their place.

Most of us live very noisy and hectic lives. When we have trained ourselves well to listen in the stillness, we can hear the inner wisdom even in the cacophony of everyday life.  Taking  time to relax and open to inner wisdom can draw to us great power.  The time just before sleep is a time of extra awareness, so this guided process can heighten your sensitivity to your inner wisdom. Before sleep as you relax your body, stress lightens or disappears. Such stress can serve as a resistance to wisdom and enlightenment, so lessening it can allow the wisdom and enlightenment to be more accessible. 

The time coming out of sleep is also a time of greater sensitivity, so you are likely to be more aware of the meaning of the wisdom that comes through in your sleep.
  The idea of opening to the wisdom in your awakened state is also built into the process. 

For some listeners, this guided visualization is like magic. For other listeners, it is one step toward a deeper sleep or an initial opening to inner wisdom.  For those who listen regularly, the experiences vary according to the needs at that moment.  I have also had listeners tell me they hear my voice, but have no recollection whatsoever of my words, yet they wake up with a profound realization and an action plan.

Everyone is different. I have created this guided visualization so that listeners can use it over a long period of time and experience it in the way that is needed each time. 

Dedication. Throughout my career, many individuals have been significant in my personal and professional development.  A giant among them was Mark Feck. When Mark was alive, he was there for me at a number of pivotal points in my life.  When he died, he became a new kind of Spiritual mentor to me and many others. Thank you, Mark.

Please find more details about the digital download of Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep.  On this same page, you can read testimonials of some who have listened.  If you have listened to this guided visualization, please accept my invitation to make a comment below about your own experience.

Make this a Wise Day!

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