Power of Imagery for More Satisfying Success

Imagery works. It works when the images are positive; it works when the images are negative. Imagery is working for you and me all the time.

When you truly embody this concept, you'll understand more fully how you create your life to be the way it is, whether you like it or not.

When you understand that you have the power to create what you want, you must also accept side-by-side that you have the power to create what you do not want.

     Reflect on that last statement for a moment; it's very important.

Most people experience some of what they want and some of what they do not want. Because of this, it is reasonable to conclude "that's just how life is" or “events in my life are random” or that something is/was "meant to be." Such beliefs are ways to give up your responsibility for creating your own life. Life is how you make it, and not determined by an outside force.

The reason that people have a mixture of what they do want and what they do not want is because they give their attention to both wanted and not-wanted dynamics. The ratio of your wanted and not-wanted experiences is in direct proportion to the focus of attention on wanted and not-wanted thoughts/things, plus the intensity of your feelings and the sharpness of your images.

At the basis of everything in your life is thought — YOUR thought, YOUR thoughts.  And, yes, of course, you absorb thoughts from others. However, trying to unravel all the thoughts that have ever been thought or trying to trace the origin of each thought is a journey to a bottomless pit.  So, for now, I suggest you just focus on the thoughts YOU are thinking.

Associated with your thoughts are images. You use your mind to create thoughts and images. Some of these thoughts and images are pleasing; some of these thoughts and images are not-pleasing. Sometimes you may find yourself shifting back and forth.


Many opposing perceptions co-exist. Humanity needs diversity. If everyone believed the same, there would be a lot of redundancy in the world, as only one person would be needed!

Differing views are found among people, as well as within each person. Life is so much more satisfying when you use your power of thought and imagination to focus on positive and pleasing aspects, and on desired conditions and situations.   It is your choice.

When you use the power of your mind to envision harmony and laughter and prosperity, you live harmony and laughter and prosperity. When you use the power of your mind to envision disaster or worry or doubt, you live these types of experiences.  Again, it does depend on the placement, extent, and intensity of your focus of attention.

Writing this Blog

When I thought about and decided to write this Voice of Jeanie Personal Development blog, the first thought that came to me was of creating a platform where I can inspire readers to find their own place, to find their own voice.

I have found my voice, my place. And yet, I am constantly re-finding and refining my voice and my place.

Questions for You

How do you want your life to be? 
    What are the images that tell you what you want?

What dynamics help you to feel successful? 
    What imagery supports the dynamics of your success?

If you were a flower ...
    What flower would you be?

If you were a song…. What song would you be?  Or, what song would you sing?

Do the images you hold in your mind reflect how you want your life to be?

More to come

Stay tuned for more articles on imagery and its power in your life.

I welcome your comments below.

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