The Confidence of Feeling Good: A Focused Energy Work Process

The Confidence of Feeling Good  is the third of three Focused Energy Work Guided Meditations available here at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store.   I have written blog articles about the other two, Balance the Energies and Finding the Balance in Your Breath

This Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation is one type of guided meditation that I lead others and myself through regularly.  I find that I can usually balance myself quite easily; sometimes, it takes more effort.  Without question, it is my work over many years he,ping others to be clear and balanced that has taught me most about the power of my  staying balanced. 

"Confidence" is often misunderstood; "feeling good" is even more often misunderstood.  I have discovered that "feeling good" is a most powerful barometer of happiness and success in life.  I have no need to try to convince you of the power of feeling good, it is your choice,  Yet I hope you will know its power deep on your heart.  I invite you to read an earlier blog article to catch some of my deeper meaning, Happiness is More than Fluff; Happiness is Everything.

Many of the guided meditations that I recorded for general listening started with just one person.  In other words, I sometimes recorded a Focused Energy Work segment of a personal consultation and then edited it to deepen and broaden the meaning.  This approach seems to combine a level of intimacy with universality.  It is very common that I hear a person say "Wow! you recorded that JUST for me" or "What you said was exactly what I was asking for earlier today."  To me, there is no greater compliment ... something I said or did touched someone deeply. 

Dedication. Throughout my long career, I have maintained the policy of not naming a personal client.  If clients choose to discuss their work with me with their friends, I am delighted.  But I do not discuss their work with me with anyone else.  Privately, The Confidence of Feeling Good is dedicated to a specific client, and I have told her.  And this is now I wrote the dedication inside the CD cover: "This is dedicated to all my clients, who are unnamed here yet indelibly written in my heart."

Please find out additional details and purchase The Confidence of Feeling Good.  On this same page, you can read testimonials of some who have listened.  Have you listened?  If so, I invite you to comment below.

Make this a Happy Day!

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