The Golden Pool of Abundance, A Guided Visualization

The Golden Pool of Abundance is one of the Guided Visualization Meditations available here at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall Store.   In many of my most recent blog articles, I talk about my experiences with my guided meditations. This Guided Meditation is one type of guided meditation commonly called Guided Visualization.

I created this meditative experience because I kept hearing clients and others affirm their lack or inadequacy. They wanted more of what they did not have, often in many areas of their lives.  Since I had discovered that many are empowered when I turn ideas around or re-frame them, I helped people to want more of what they already had and were enjoying. That put them in or near the vibration of what they had easy access to and already believed.

I led variations of this guided meditation with individual clients and in many groups, long before I recorded it.  One group, in particular, still stands out.  In a weekend workshop at a retreat center, 25-30 were focused on many different Personal Development topics in my highly experiential format.  I used various inner processes throughout the weekend, so they were primed for this. 

By the time I led them to the Golden Pool, they were already familiar enough with my voice to know how to position themselves.  Some sat in a chair, others sat against the wall comforted with cushions, many laid down, a few stood near a chair with plenty of room to change positions without disturbing others. 

I guided them to the pool for an experience similar to the one on the recording, and then out of the pool, and back into the room.  It took about 25 minutes.  Yes, there was some snoring.  Most were awake with their eyes closed. I suggested that when they felt ready, to find one or two others to have a brief conversation. As they were organizing themselves for conversations, one woman called out, “why do I have on a gold dress?“

To find out what she meant, splash with joy in the golden energy of this healing water. 
 Your experience will have its own uniqueness, as was true of those at that retreat center.  The next time you listen, your experience might be similar or very different from your first.  Enjoy your time in The Golden Pool of Abundance by opening yourself to allow this vast energy source to flow to and through you.

Dedication. The one person who was with me through the entire production of the six guided meditations was my sound engineer, Hunter Johnson.  He recorded them and we edited them together standing at his computer. It was an extraordinary training for me, and later I edited many of my own recordings and even trained my long-distance virtual assistant.  Beyond being a sound engineer, Hunter is an extraordinary composer and musician.  I love his music.   Find Hunter Johnson Music on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and ITunes.

Please find more details about the digital download of The Golden Pool of Abundance.  On this same page, you can read testimonials of some who have listened.  If you have listened to this guided visualization, please accept my invitation to make a comment below about your own experience.

Make this a Golden Day!

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