Using the Power of Brief Quotations

As a writer and speaker, I often search for "famous quotations," that is, pithy statements made by famous people to capture an idea. Often such quotations encapsulate a whole philosophy or represent a complete body of work. More often, the quotations focus on one element that allows for a myriad of perceptions from readers.

Some quotations I resonate with directly relate to Personal Development. However, some might be only indirectly related or be a means to focus attention to grow and learn from reflecting on the ideas. Many are worth meditating on or reflecting on over a period of time or returning to again and again.

Tuning into the consciousness of the author through a quotation can be empowering or enlightening. I have enormous respect for language and for those who use it to lift consciousness, inspire, and educate.

To some readers, the ideas are more important than who said them; while to others, who said something is more important than the ideas. Which matters more to you?

These days, it's easy to find famous quotations on the Internet. Many websites are devoted to collecting quotations, often carefully categorized and researched. It's a writer's dream come true to go onto the Internet to search for and find quotations on a variety of subjects.

Do you have a favorite quotation by a famous person? If so, you might consider starting your day with it. Meditate on it. Write about it. Say it repeatedly with different intonations. Say the words backwards. Sing the words. Ponder each word individually. Ask for inner guidance to find the special gem within the quotation so that you can expand and grow.

From time to time, I'll choose a famous quotation and write my perceptions about it. I hope my comments inspire you to think more deeply about some ideas and encourage you to generate some of your own insights. You don't need to agree with anything I say to benefit from the process of reading the quotation and my comments. Perhaps you'll also be inspired to write your own comments, either in your own personal notes or in the comment box of one of my posts.

My process will be to read and resonate with each quotation and then just allow the words to flow through my fingertips. I'll have no master outline to cover the same elements about each quotation, only the intention to be sincere and thoughtful in my expression.

In a blog post I will write in a few days, I'll share with you one of my all-time, most favorite famous quotations.

Before you read that, what is YOUR favorite quotation from a famous (or not-so-famous) person?

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