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I am so excited to start this blog, here at my Voice of Jeanie Marshall Website. I will share my own voice ... the audible sound you can hear, as well as the perspective I express in both speech and writing. 

I have a voice, which I continue to develop through all my experiences.  I expect I will grow and evolve through my expressions on this blog and website, my interactions with clients and readers, and all that I do.

You also have a voice, and I hope that you benefit and grow personally from every situation in your life, including the experience of engaging with this blog. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can find a new aspect of your own voice.

If you are where you want to be in life, strengthen and deepen and expand your voice right where you are.

If you are not where you want to be in life, empower yourself to find the voice that makes you sing about your positive aspects of life, which will move you from where you do not want to be to a place that is more pleasing.

Some people think that "if only" they could change their circumstances, they would be so much better off. And sometimes that's true. However, one of my goals is to encourage you to change and improve yourself in whatever circumstance you find yourself. That way, you will know that the power is within you and not in the circumstance where you find yourself.

Your environment — or circumstance — is constantly changing. The key is your perception of your environment. In other words, where you are is far less important than how you respond to and perceive where you are.

This blog will focus on Personal and Entrepreneurial Development, which includes a variety of topics on many aspects of the ways we change and grow. Personal Development touches on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. In other words, every aspect of our lives.  If you are an active or budding entrepreneur, you can apply the principles and practices directly or indirectly to your business venture and yourself as a business person.

Every moment, every situation is an opportunity to enjoy, to learn, to grow. Preparing for sleep, buying groceries, getting dressed, connecting on the Internet, interacting in relationships, making a sale.

On tomorrow’s post, I will provide a sampling of the aspects of Personal and Entrepreneurial Development that I expect to write about in this blog. 

Thanks for visiting! Please come back often.

Copyright © 2019 Marshall House and Voice of Jeanie Marshall. All rights reserved. Jeanie Marshall is a Personal Development Consultant and Coach. This article is not available for republication without express written permission. 


Preston Marston
Posted on  02/04/2019 08:14 Thanks for posting
Phillip Llewellyn
Posted on  09/04/2019 06:28 Such value and amazing insight! I am anticipating some amazing content rich posts from your blog over the months to come Jeanie. Thank you for sharing.

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