Who is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs come in all colors, shapes, sizes, both genders, all ethnicities, all fields. Most entrepreneurs I know personally have a myriad of well-developed skills and qualities.   I have noticed that for most, courage in life and a passion for the product or service are predominant.

Entrepreneurs make the world work!  It is their collective creativity, visioning, versatility and tenacity that weave together across cultures and imaginary boundaries.
Entrepreneur Defined
The word “entrepreneur“ is borrowed from French and also has Latin roots. The original meaning was to “undertake” or “begin something.” And these days, that meaning still works, although the word is almost exclusively associated with starting, undertaking, and/or running a BUSINESS venture.
Within the corporate world, the term “entrepreneurial spirit“ is often used even though employees are not technically entrepreneurs. To exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit generally means to be creative, innovative, willing to take charge beyond assigned duties.
My Own Journey
I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. During this period, I have had the most demanding boss in the world: ME. I put in long hours. I experiment and reflect. I fail; I succeed. I have not once been tempted to take on a job with set hours and reporting to a boss.

In my early days of being an entrepreneur, I considered my most important attribute was versatility.  As I continued to be more and more successful, I recognized that the primary reason for my success was integrity.  I learn from every experience. My greatest teachers have been my clients, customers, and workshop participants.  I would not know what I know if it had not been for the questions they asked me. I have also hired coaches and have had many peer relationships.
My own experience is, of course, the experience of only one entrepreneur. I have also informally encouraged and officially coached many entrepreneurs. And many of my friends are entrepreneurs.  I relate to entrepreneurs at all stages of their development

Connecting with Other Entrepreneurs

I asked my good friend, Joel Friant, about his own relationship with a job and being an entrepreneur. He said:

Joel Friant

Owner of
Global Gratitude, LLC

"Working a J-O-B and being for many ‘Just-Over-Broke’ is NOT the only option in life. It takes being fearless in the face of adversity though, and a willingness to win at all costs."

"It’s not for everyone, but when the entrepreneurial bug bites, you KNOW you’ve been bitten as it’s the only path forward that makes sense for you. What’s PRICELESS is the sense of freedom!"

From a JOB to a Laptop Lifestyle

In recent years, a “Laptop Lifestyle” has come to mean the life of an entrepreneur, with a continuum ranging from someone who takes a laptop to the local coffee shop with free Wi-Fi, to the most successful of entrepreneurs who travel the world to exotic places and spend an hour or two a day checking business on a laptop. 

As a new user of Instagram, I decided to look for someone on that platform who is living the laptop lifestyle. And as it turns out, I hit the jackpot because I found someone who also is helping others to live the laptop lifestyle.

I asked her if she would share some suggestions to those who might want to create such a lifestyle of independence. She said,

Emilia Cooper

A Laptop Life Is For You

“If you want to create a laptop lifestyle for yourself, start from within. Create the right mindset, learn how to give value to others and money will become the bi product"

"Don’t underestimate the power of community. Surround yourself with like-minded people, find your tribe that will honour, support and lift you up."

Considerations/Tasks of the Solo Entrepreneur

It is impossible to figure out all the skills and nuances required of an entrepreneur in advance. To be honest, it is a messy process, one that requires getting your hands on.  When a successful entrepreneur talks about his or her success, the story is often presented a linear and logical.  But it is an uneven road, filled with jolts and

In fact, it is likely that some potential entrepreneurs would turn away from the path if they knew too many details in advance. Most entrepreneurs are successful simply BECAUSE they face problems, problems that need solutions. If entrepreneurs are too “problem oriented,“ they will not find the solutions. One of the attributes of a successful entrepreneur is to become “solution oriented.“

To add insight for this article, I turned to my good friend Michael Jenkins. Michael has prepared himself well for his role, and rises to meet challenges and changes successfully.

Michael Jenkins

Productive Change Management,



“It is absolutely important for the entrepreneur to know the real costs for customer acquisition. Without this information it is like driving on a bumpy road in the dark and no headlights.” 

We Anticipate what we Can; And Meet the Rest as We Can

The bumpy roads will come, and each entrepreneurwill find his or we way, benefiting from the direct experience.  Meeting the challenges turns on the headlights.  Likely, there will be more challenges that put us back in darkness.  But when the light comes again, that is enlightenment,  We grow ourselves and advance our business.

Giving to the World; Making the World Work

The solo entrepreneur has a great role to play in our economy, throughout the world, not just our local community or country. In a world dominated now by big business, it is easy to discount the role of solo entrepreneurs, who carve their unique paths. 

Here I quote Joel Friant again. “Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It’s a whole different mindset that has to be able to handle failure, ridicule, non-acceptance and sometimes going without a paycheck for months, even years on end. However, the rewards along the way and at the end are priceless.”

Capture the Essence; Capture the Vision

Every project starts with a Vision. Sometimes that Vision is seen in the mind’s eye. It can also be seen by putting words or pictures on paper or screen to see the Vision more clearly with the physical eyes. For many, a Compelling Vision is felt more than seen. When the vision is compelling, it can touch every aspect of your being.

Who better than a professional photographer to speak about being an entrepreneur? That’s why I turned to my special friend Kristin Renee.

Kristin Renee

Professional Photographer

“What I love about being an entrepreneur is first of all the freedom that it gives me. I love to take off a day or a week or even a month if I want and not have a boss to answer to"

"Second, I love having the ability to expand, grow, learn and adapt my business to be able to move forward financially at the speed and ability that I want to. Lastly, I love being able to actually act on my creative business ideas and have the determination, time and mindset to follow through to see the results!”

Some entrepreneurs have a Vision so big that it is beyond their conscious awareness, yet the heart compels their feet forward.  When we embrace a Vision that is compelling, we concurrently live inside it and let it draw us forward

Further acknowledgements of the contributors to this article

Three of the entrepreneurs I have quoted in today’s article I have met in person in the Sharenode Community. Not only are they leaders in this community, but each one has tokenized his or her own business on the NASGO platform. Thank you, Joel Friant, Michael Jenkins, and Kristin Renee.

The fourth contributor I got acquainted with virtually, on Instagram. Thank you, Emilia 

You may reach me on Instagram at @jeanie.marshall   

Copyright © 2019 Marshall House and Voice of Jeanie Marshall. All rights reserved. Jeanie Marshall is a Personal Development Consultant and Coach. This article is not available for republication without express written permission. 


Michael Jenkins
Posted on  14/05/2019 07:36 Jeanie, this is a great article. It speaks to the experience and what actually happens in the mind of a person who claims to be an entrepreneur. Thank you for writing it and a big thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.
Jeanie Marshall
Posted on  14/05/2019 08:00 Michael, you are a pure delight to work with. Thanks for all you contribute, wherever you are.
Joel Friant
Posted on  16/05/2019 20:24 I love your title Jeanie, 'Entrepreneurs Make the World Work!' It's true. Every JOB in the private sector exists because an entrepreneur decided to take a risk and start a business. Business owners take the risk, so that others who are more risk averse don't have to and can get a paycheck. Both parties are equally important for success, but entrepreneurs who start businesses and are willing to take on that risk for others are a special breed in my opinion. (Continued)
Joel Friant
Posted on  16/05/2019 20:25 Entrepreneurs often work longer hours than their employees, and sometimes earn less. It's that sense of freedom though that drives them during these times. I've often been heard saying that an 'Entrepreneur is someone who works 80 hours a week, to avoid working 40'!
Jeanie Marshall
Posted on  16/05/2019 20:41 Joel, thank you so much for adding even more value to this article. I relate fully to putting in many more hours than an employee. And I have done it joyously, as I am sure you have, because I am working on my own dream instead of someone else’s dream.
Joshua Biesiada
Posted on  18/05/2019 18:16 Great article Jeannie! I've just recently gotten the entrepreneur drive. I've been in leadership for about 15 years but something is extra rewarding when you can take a risk and see it pay off for your own business. You picked some great business owners and people to speak about.
Jeanie Marshall
Posted on  18/05/2019 18:26 Thanks so much, Josh. You are so right that these entrepreneurs are outstanding. And I am so delighted that you are driving toward being an entrepreneur. It is an awesome trip!

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