Your Intention for Personal or Entrepreneurial Development

What is your intention for exploring Personal Development?  Or, if you are an active or budding entrepreneur, what is your intention for either your business or your own development as a business owner?

You are where you are right now. Celebrate yourself. 

Standing (or sitting) right where you are, ask yourself, "what is my intention for reading about Personal Development?" Or, “what is my intention for (fill in topic)?” 

When you can see or imagine you see a "Compelling Vision" associated with your Intention, you are more likely to stay on course. 

Some call this your "Why." I prefer the idea of "Intention" with a "Compelling Vision." Napoleon Hill chose two different phrases that I also like: "Definiteness of Purpose" and "Definite Chief Aim." Whatever word or phrase that gets you to your reason for reading and studying to improve yourself or grow your business or do anything is the word/phrase for you to use. 

I suggest you write your intention because when you formulate the words and commit them to the screen or paper, you focus your attention more strongly. Write it by hand, type on the keyboard, or press the recorder on your smart phone, speak, and then transcribe.

Make it real for you now. And then let your intention evolve over time as you change and grow.

Perhaps right now, the idea of Personal Development is new or foreign to you. Or perhaps you are a Personal Development junkie, collecting wisdom from everywhere you can. Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between those two. 

Honor where you are, and then grow from there. 

Your past has moved you here. 

Your future is yet to be; and you are creating your future now.

Right now is the ONLY time in which you can live. This is your starting place, your launching pad. Where you are is a fact; the perception of where you are can be shifted when you choose. 

Some people like to tell their sad stories over and over again. Unfortunately, too much focus on sad stories only creates more sad stories. To step forward into your future requires letting go of the re-telling of sad stories. 

To get to your true intention, you need to start in the starting place: now. 

What is your intention? How do you want to change and grow? 

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about my intention for writing. Next week, I'll share a story about how I began my journey of recognizing the power of intention. 
If you want to express your own voice, please add a comment below. 

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