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I've developed this page to describe my own Energy Work Sessions. My approach has evolved as a result of many thousands of hours working with individuals, groups, and organizations for more than 30 years.  I am honored to work with those who are drawn to work with me.

How I Read and Work with Energy

Long before I was able to articulate that I "read" energy, I was reading energy. I believe everyone reads energy to some extent. At an early age, I was able to see that the energy that flowed from a person's speaking to that person's experience had the same feeling (or vibration, but I did not use that word as a 5 year old). And I noticed that the quality of everyone's flow of energy was a little different.

I paid attention with interest. With my quiet observations, I began to see patterns that helped me to draw conclusions about how individuals create their lives. Many people ask me "what kind of energy work" I do because there are many different modalities, and some are quite famous. I consider that I have learned my energetic techniques and empowering practices directly from Spirit, as a result of questions or needs of my clients.

My Approach to Energy Work

Multiple "channels of perception" are available to perceive energy. Most individuals have one predominant channel and a secondary channel that is reasonably dependable. I have discovered that I can shift my own channels or open them at will and all at once when I choose. Channels of perception include seeing, hearing, taste, smell, touch/physical sensations, balance, feelings and emotions, and intuition.

I have a natural gift of being able to work with energy to clear energy fields and situations. I have also fine-tuned this natural gift over years of working with individual clients and groups. These days, I work exclusively by telephone or alternative Internet platform. In my earlier career, I worked with individuals in person; however, I find that working by phone is more effective and more focused. I have found that using physical/visual clues to work with energy is a distraction and undependable.

Holding a Space

One of the skills that facilitates deep and lasting change is called "holding a space." To someone who has not experienced this dynamic, it might sound passive. It is not passive, but one of the truly most empowering skills because I provide "space" for a person to stretch and transform. I really do not "do" anything "to" a client, rather I am a non-anxious presence who communicates directly with the person's higher consciousness. I also encourage clients to step into their magnificence, and the dynamic extra space provides a place to move.

The Impatience-Patience Continuum

Most clients seek me out initially with a great sense of impatience, even urgency.  Most existing clients, knowing what I offer, might fall anywhere on the continuum from impatience or even urgency to patience or openness when reaching out to me. Some of the deepest sessions of transformation start with the client having no agenda. 

While I recognize and honor the urgency for doing this work, I also have patience for the individual who is in the midst of change.  My own balance of impatience and patience often looks like encouragement, always includes deep listening, is peppered with practical suggestions, and does not advocate maintaining the status quo when change is asked for.

Layers and Levels of the Energy Field

I read multiple layers and levels of the energy field, which gives me information to support the change the client is seeking. When a client is confused about what he or she wants to change, I facilitate the first step toward clarity. To quote my long-time friend Dr. Michael Beckwith, "The pain pushes until the vision pulls." I help clients to  develop compelling visions that inspire and pull them forward.

I recommend practical, accessible methods for clients and others to use to integrate or facilitate a desired change in their lives. All my energy work sessions include some instruction and/or energetic techniques to continue and further anchor the benefits.

Focused Energy Work

One signature process I have developed is Focused Energy Work. For years, I have led clients through a Focused Energy Work process that centers and balances them, making them more receptive to the change that they desire in their lives. I have created some Focused Energy Work Guided Meditations so you can experience this process outside a session.  You can Sample and/or Purchase Focused Energy Work as well as Guided Visualizations at this website. 

Working with me in a Session

As soon as a client pays for a session or a package, I begin daily energy work alignment. This generally results in some relief and greater clarity so that the session is deeper and more powerful. The daily energy work alignment continues for 30 days following the session.

I begin all new clients with doing Focused Energy Work, usually about 15-20 minutes.  This clears the energy field and allows the consultation to be more focused and constructive.  After that, we create our time together.

Are you are ready for a Personal Consultation? If so, please note that you are invited to schedule a Getting Acquainted Conversation If we have not worked together before.

Purchase your Consultation Session or Package and then we will schedule your first session. 

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