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with Jeanie Marshall

Single Session and Coaching Packages

Consult with Jeanie for a single session at any time. Alternatively, Coaching Packages are designed for the momentum that will help you to make the changes you want in one or more areas of your life.

When purchasing packages, we recommend that you plan to schedule a session once per week for 3-5 weeks if you are working with Jeanie for the first time. You may use these sessions for yourself at any time, as they do not expire.

Please plan to prepare in advance for the first session, and, between sessions, plan to practice the suggested techniques so that you accelerate your process. Together, we create the momentum.

Daily Energy Work begins as soon as Jeanie sees that you have purchased a Single Session or Coaching Package, and will continue throughout your time with each other, and 30 days beyond your last session.

The time arranged for appointments is the time Jeanie has reserved for you. Please call at the scheduled time. Each session will last 60 minutes. Marshall House has a 24-hour cancellation policy. 

Please note that if you are employed by a company that pays for this consulting, the fees are higher. The fees on this page represent a discount for those who pay for their own services.

For each of these Sessions or Packages, 

payment is required in advance of the first session.


60-minute Session



60-minute Sessions

$525 ($175 each)


60-minute Sessions

$800 ($160 each)


60-minute Sessions

$1500 ($150 each)

Hear From Some of Jeanie's Meditation Listeners

Bea Kunz

Owner, Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store 

"Jeanie Marshall's The Golden Pool of Abundance has given me a new perspective in meditating. I have been a student of meditation for many years, but found myself wanting and needing more from the journey. The Golden Pool of Abundance warms my heart, settles my mind, and stirs my soul. Jeanie Marshall has a voice that captures and holds my attention. Leads me in the direction that I wish to go, a place of total relaxation and rejuvenation."

Tom Drake
Executive Coach, California, USA

"I use all Jeanie Marshall's Guided Meditations regularly. I use Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep when I can't quite hear my inner wisdom. Usually I fall asleep easily, so I wasn't looking for a falling-to-sleep meditation when I chose this one. For me, the profound power of this meditation is to awaken with immediate access to the answer I was seeking."

Michelle Dunn
Columnist, Author, New Hampshire, USA 

"When you listen to the voice of Jeanie Marshall you can't help but feel relaxed. I have never been one to meditate but with these Balance the Energies guided meditations, it is so easy. I found these to be very focused, which I thought was a big point. Each Guided Meditation comes with 2 options, one with music and one without. I personally prefer the one with music, it was very soothing. "

General Information about Jeanie Marshall's Personal Development Sessions

Personal development coaching or consulting is an effective way to join together with a professional who supports you in your unique life path.

All coaches and consultants have their specialties. It's important that you connect with a coach or consultant with whom you feel a resonance. Either you feel it or you do not. Friends and family can make suggestions and encourage you, but only you know what works for you.

Those who are drawn to work with Jeanie are intelligent, eager to move forward, willing to learn, seeking personal coaching to accelerate their personal development and growth.

Many are extremely successful, wanting to accomplish the next goal. Others feel something is missing that prevents them from living joyously even though they have achieved a lot.

People know that Jeanie is the proper personal coach/consultant for them without being convinced.

Voice of Jeanie Marshall

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1223 Wilshire Blvd, 300

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