Celebrating Your Life, Happy Birthday - Jeanie's Voice With Music

Celebrating Your Life, Happy Birthday - Jeanie's Voice With Music

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Jeanie's voice in meditation with Music for Awakening the Light Body, Vol 1 by Michael Hammer, 21 minutes

Happy Birthday! The whole Universe has gathered together to celebrate your life! You can use this uplifting, empowering guided meditation to experience every day of the year as your special day! This meditation uses guided imagery to help you become:

  • More aware of your own magnificence and your connection with the magnificent divine Source within you
  • Replenished by the gratitude and love that the world and your inner source shower upon you
  • Nourished by the appreciation flowing through you for everyone and everything you cherish in your life
  • Enriched in your various approaches to personal development and growth

You will learn how to boost the quality of your life and your relationships by:

  • Receiving life’s gifts with heightened awareness and an open heart
  • Savoring the profound meaning and joy available to you in all experiences
  • Seeing beauty in others and feeling their love
  • Being a better, more sensitive listener
  • Expressing your appreciation more easily and fully
  • Feeling a childlike spontaneity and freedom to relish being exactly who you are
  • Recognizing each moment as an opportunity to celebrate!

Listeners are Saying ...

"The Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life Guided Meditation takes you on a spectacular, powerful, and rejuvenating experience of celebrating you. The celebration places you in the middle of the most elegant and fabulous setting, that is designed for the important person you are.

"The stage is set for you to receive the wonderful gifts of the Universe, from the most wonderful individuals of your past and present.

"Many of us do not realize that the Universe has placed us where we are today, for a reason and a season. Therefore, it can sometimes be hard for us to celebrate our Being and our Purpose.

"If you receive the gifts of the Universe, then the power of "you" will come into focus and the celebration will begin. As this happens, allow the voice of Jeanie to take you to the next level of celebrating "you".

"Everyday is your birthday, so enjoy the celebration. Enjoy being you!"

~ Lisa Frye, "Be Good To Your Money," Nevada, USA

"A celebration of one's life can happen at any time with this guided meditation.

"Jeanie Marshall, in her soft and caring voice, leads the participant to a place of accepting the gifts presented. Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life is a wonderful way to spring back into life if feeling down or lacking self-esteem.

"The gifts received during the meditation from friends and spirits are what you need them to be at that moment. Each time you listen to the meditation, different gifts by different beings are presented, because of course, you are in a "different" place each time.

"Of all the guided meditations that Marshall has in her repertoire this is my favorite. When I use the meditation in the morning it sets my day as being calm and collected, full of gratitude for the gifts that life gives me."

~ Irene Watson, Reader Views, Texas, USA


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