The Confidence of Feeling Good - Jeanie's Voice With Music

The Confidence of Feeling Good - Jeanie's Voice With Music

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 Jeanie's voice in meditation with music, Atmospheres by Chestnut Mills, 28 minutes, 20 s

The Confidence of Feeling Good soothes you into a wonderful energy and enhances your personal development.

Feeling good!

How good it feels! All of life’s glorious energy is bubbling within you, eager to replenish and invigorate you with vitality and confidence. This guided meditation shows you how to immerse yourself in this exhilarating, bountiful wellspring.

This delightful meditation:

  • Features a vivid and detailed appreciation of each element in Jeanie's Focused Energy Work Process
  • Puts you in touch with how good it feels to Feel Good — in each element of the Process and in every aspect of your life
  • Helps you connect with several specific facets of Feeling Good

By becoming familiar with your favorite good feelings, you will be able to:

  • More easily and naturally find yourself in the right place at the right time according to your heart’s desires
  • Summon joyous energy to support, strengthen, and guide you to what you want to experience in your life
  • Forge rich, rewarding relationships with the people, places, things, and ideas that you cherish 
  • Feel your full power, self-assurance, personal empowerment, and competence in all situations and opportunities
  • Dance your unique, beautiful dance with confidence, grace, and zest
  • Make each day a magnificent day!

Listeners are Saying ...

"I enjoy meditating regularly and have for several years. The Confidence of Feeling Good is a refreshing addition to my collection. 

"The narrator is sure to make ideas optional thereby allowing the listeners to choose their own experience. One quote from the narration is, 'Mother Earth energy I like to call it what you want...or call it by no name.'

"I am very glad to have added this unique guided meditation to my collection."

~ Vera Miller, Author, "In Search of a Childhood Song," USA

"Do you want to be sure you'll have a great day before it begins?

"Do you need a boost when you're feeling a little tired in the afternoon? The Confidence of Feeling Good was created to enhance your energy and vitality.

"Focusing on your higher self, this meditation guides you to receive this energy and send it to all parts of your body. As it fills you, it brings you feelings of goodness and pleasure. Soft background music accompanies Jeanie Marshall's voice for a soothing experience.

"This gentle and relaxing meditation will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go back to your day, full of joyful, exhilarating energy."

~ Alice Berger, Bergers Book Reviews, North Carolina, USA

"My first day back at work after a grueling RV trip with a thoroughly disgruntled cat, and I faced 20 to-do piles on my desktop.

"Among the mail to process I spotted the 2-disc set from Marshall House with The Voice of Jeanie Marshall and The Confidence of Feeling Good.


"Overwhelmed, I popped in the cd, wondering if, indeed, it would take away my anxiety.

"After following her very agreeable voice for 28 minutes, I emerged and picked up the first stack (bills!) and began processing the complete deskful of tasks. 10 minutes into my work, I realized Jeanie had indeed helped me not only overcome my anxiety, but replaced it with inner peace and calm, and ENERGY where there had been hesitation."

~ Patricia A. Hamilton, Author, "California Healthy," California, USA


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